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We're making it easier to take action on household finances.

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100% focused on the 99%

At JointGoals, we're redefining the way we manage financial health and household wealth together. Concierge financial management should not be reserved for the 1%. We're 100% focused on making it accessible to more households.

Beyond just retirement.

We always go way beyond just retirement or investments for full household financial management.

Action & accountability.

We never stop at just planning, we continually help you stay accountable and on track to achieve your life goals.

No hidden fees.

We don't stick you with hidden or unreasonable fees that do not equal the value given.

Flat-fee accessible pricing.

We always provide flat-fee accessible pricing, with cost-efficient technology to deliver more affordable financial care.

Unbiased, no conflicts.

We don't charge AUM fees or push products you don’t need, just to make a sale or get a referral fee.

No "bougie" velvet ropes.

We don't put up “bougie velvet ropes” based on minimum income or net worth.

If you’d like more information about us, take action and get in touch.

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DIY digital platforms are not enough. Households need affordable access to objective human expert guidance.

DIY digital platforms may help get you started, but households get stuck when they can't align or when finances get more complex as they progress. They need regular expert guidance. But historically human advisors have been costly.

Remote advisory services have changed the game. No more expensive office real estate or branch locations to justify exorbitant financial advisor fees. Our CFPs are powered by an AI-based technology platform that enables us to deliver human-driven financial care that's easy, actionable, and affordable.

Our Mission

Every household should have access to unbiased, affordable financial guidance and execution support ... and it all starts with a financial action plan.

A decade ago, we worked together at FutureAdvisor to make affordable wealth management and investment advice accessible to more people through technology. Fast forward to now and both of us progressed in our respective lives - building families and juggling careers, kids, marriages, mortgages, and household finances. Along the way we found that as you progress, managing finances just keeps getting more and more complex.


We set out to build what we wanted for our own households - unbiased, affordable financial guidance and execution support through a one-stop digital family office helping households navigate financial complexities holistically, including actionable planning, cash flow management, investments, retirement, real estate, taxes, education, trusts & estates, insurance, and other areas necessary for wealth-building and protection.


We see a future where more households have access to high-quality managed financial care. Advice will shift away from retirement-only towards a new standard of concierge financial management, empowering more households to achieve joint goals and live their best lives together.

Kris Vann & Eric Kho, Co-Founders of JointGoals

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